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Valentino revealed his swansong couture collection in Paris this past week.  Haute couture week in Paris is often associated with outlandish and wild creations – and is perhaps the finest line between art and fashion.  There is a constantly shifting boundary between art and design that both artist and designers deal with on a daily basis.  This is not to say that they are the same thing, they are in fact fairly distinct from each other, but do have a tremendous influence on each other.  Design doesn’t happen in a vaccuum and designers are constantly on the hunt for something new.  Valentino, although he has signatue pieces, is constanly recreating them and adding something new.  This is part of the reason he has survived the industry for so long.  Even if you are not interested in fashion design, it can still be an inspiration to the field of design that you do work in.  Looking at the colours, lines and shapes on the runway can be inspiring to other areas of design.  After all it never hurts to think outside the box.

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Fashion Can Be Friendly

I am the kind of girl who feels way more comfortable around my computer than around fashionable clothing.  I like to think of myself as geek chic, if you know what I mean.  But my love for html aside, there is still a warm place in my heart for cool shoes, funky jackets and vegan bags.  I like to think that I, at the very least, fit in with the crowd.  Many of my friends are way more fashion friendly than I, and they are in many ways an inspiration to my fashion sense. One such friend of mine actually has a job where she has been asked to put a dress code book together – to make sure that the staff is both suitably and fashionably dressed.  One day was dedicated just to shoes.  Jealous?  Let’s just say that a copy of that book is soon to be sitting next to my wardrobe.

Fashion is very simple in many ways, it is not always the most ornate clothing that gets the most praise.  Like any other art form clothing is a form of expression, and what we wear speaks volumes about our personality.  We rely on fashion designers to provide us with the language to visually communicate with the world around us.  In Canada we do have a good fashion design industry, but it is very different from the world of New York and Milan.  Ultimately that is something that only Canadian’s can change by supporting Canadian designers.  Of course that is just my opinion – if you want the opinion of someone who knows about fashion than you can check out Joeffer Caoc and Rosa Costanzo in the Fashion Design Dialogue at Explore Design.

(Roberta is feeling a little retro and wearing a 70’s style pink blouse with embroidering, classic cut medium blue faded jeans and the cutest wedge heal jean sneakers with embroidered flowers and sequins.  Not my best outfit, but it is a Monday)

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