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Design for the Greater Good

With all the challenges that we face in the world it is always good to take some time to turn our talents to making things better. Not just for ourselves, but for everyone. While crusing around on the internet I found this posting which I thought you all would find interesting. I have included only the first part of the Design Challenge. For the rest go to the website by clicking on the link below. Canada represent!!!

Aspen Design Challenge

Faculty and students are invited to participate in the first of what promises to become one of the most prestigious annual global design events, the Aspen Design Challenge.

The Aspen Design Challenge is an annual call to students worldwide, inviting them to use their creative talents and design-driven, problem-solving skills to address international problems that are not only crucial to our survival, but also critical in today’s world—and critical to the future of the world that those students will inhabit.

The subject of each challenge will change each year, although the process will remain the same: a call goes out for faculty and students to work on addressing a global problem from July through December, with the opportunity to present the results to an international jury and a prestigious gathering of world leaders.

For more details see the AIGA’s Website with the posting.

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