Art and Design

Valentino revealed his swansong couture collection in Paris this past week.  Haute couture week in Paris is often associated with outlandish and wild creations – and is perhaps the finest line between art and fashion.  There is a constantly shifting boundary between art and design that both artist and designers deal with on a daily basis.  This is not to say that they are the same thing, they are in fact fairly distinct from each other, but do have a tremendous influence on each other.  Design doesn’t happen in a vaccuum and designers are constantly on the hunt for something new.  Valentino, although he has signatue pieces, is constanly recreating them and adding something new.  This is part of the reason he has survived the industry for so long.  Even if you are not interested in fashion design, it can still be an inspiration to the field of design that you do work in.  Looking at the colours, lines and shapes on the runway can be inspiring to other areas of design.  After all it never hurts to think outside the box.

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